Eyeglasses or Contacts: Which to Choose?

Eyeglasses or Contacts: Which to Choose?

Eyeglasses Constantly Slipping Down Your Nose? Consider These Repairs

by Douglas Sutton

One of the most important details concerning your glasses is that they need to be comfortable to wear. A common complaint from many patients who wear glasses is that the glasses constantly slip, causing the patient to have to frequently push them back up their nose. Here are a few repairs that can help your glasses stay where they are supposed to be. 

1. Adjust the Fit of Your Frame

If your glasses are ill-fitting, you need to have frame adjusted so that they fit your face better. This will also help them stay in place.

Don't try to make major adjustments to your glasses frame at home. You may inadvertently damage your glasses, and you'll achieve better results if you have a professional work on them.

Your optician may start by tightening the screws in your glasses' frame. If they still slide down your nose, they can make the frame fit tighter by manually maneuvering the position of your frame's arms or compressing the frame. How the optician performs this process will vary depending on the material of your glasses.

If your glasses are plastic, your optician will heat them prior to manipulating them. Should your frame consist of metal, your optician may not be able to adjust your frame as dramatically. 

2. Replace or Adjust the Nose Pads

Usually, glasses with nose pads stay in position better than frames without nose pads. If your glasses have nose pads but still slide around, this may mean that the nose pads either need to be replaced or adjusted.

It's an easy fix for your optician to adjust your nose pads. After examining how the glasses currently rest on your face, they will squeeze or maneuver the nose pads as necessary so that the frames fit your face better. An added benefit of this fix is that glasses with appropriately placed nose pads tend to be more comfortable. 

If your nose pads have fallen off or if they cannot be maneuvered into a better position, you can have your optician remove them and replace them with a new set. Certain styles even have a design or materials that prevent your glasses from slipping.

3. Outfit the End of Your Frame's Arms with Silicone Tips

Sometimes, your glasses will slide down your nose because they slide around on your ears. Tackle the problem at its source by having your optician outfit the end of your frame's arms with silicone tips. These tips will keep the arms stationary on your ears so that your glasses don't slide down your face. 

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Eyeglasses or Contacts: Which to Choose?

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