Eyeglasses or Contacts: Which to Choose?

Eyeglasses or Contacts: Which to Choose?

Choices To Make When You Order Tortoiseshell Glasses

by Douglas Sutton

When you shop for a pair of designer glasses on a website that offers many stylish brands for sale, you can expect to see a lot of tortoiseshell options. This style is present in many different frame shapes, including men's, women's, and unisex models. A lot of people gravitate toward the tortoiseshell style because of its classic look. While you might want to first give some thought to the shape of the frames, there are lots of decisions that you can make if you want to move forward with the tortoiseshell style. Here are some choices that will be part of your shopping process.


Traditionally, tortoiseshell patterns involve several different shades of brown. When you look at different tortoiseshell glasses, you can expect to see some variation in the exact colors that are present. For example, some tortoiseshell frames primarily feature darker shades of brown, while there are others that have lighter shades. Other frames have more of an equal balance of dark and light shades. Consider your personal style, the color of your skin, and the color of any facial hair you have as you decide what shade of tortoiseshell will suit you best.


You'll find that tortoiseshell glasses frames can have a few different finishes. Some of these frames are highly glossy, while others are matte. Each finish offers its own advantages. If you're the type of person who likes the accessories that you wear to stand out, a glossy finish will reflect the light in the room and be more visible. For someone who enjoys wearing stylish glasses but who doesn't necessarily want them to be a primary focal point, a matte finish may be better.


The thickness of tortoiseshell frames can vary a lot between styles. There are many of these glasses that have thick frames around the lenses and on the arms, which helps to make the tortoiseshell pattern more pronounced. Other glasses are thinner, which means that the tortoiseshell look isn't nearly as visible. If you love the tortoiseshell style, you might want to choose glasses with thicker frames. This can especially be true if you occasionally wear tortoiseshell jewelry or other fashion accessories. 

Visit a local or online designer eyewear store such as SouthPark Optical Center  to evaluate all of the frames for sale, including those that have a tortoiseshell look. Making the right decisions for each of the above choices will ensure that you're happy with your purchase.


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Eyeglasses or Contacts: Which to Choose?

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