Eyeglasses or Contacts: Which to Choose?

Eyeglasses or Contacts: Which to Choose?

  • Home Improvement Projects: Four Lens Coatings Ideal For Protection & Clear Visuals

    Completing home improvement projects is very fulfilling and allows you to turn your home into a personal design that fits your interests and aesthetics. If you wear glasses, then there are many aspects of a home improvement project that can interfere with your visuals. Instead of working without your glasses or suffering through various visual issues, you can seek the services of an optometrist to help you select a pair of glasses that work well with your home improvement needs.

  • What Can You Do To Encourage Your Preschooler To Wear His Or Her Bifocals?

    If you're the parent of a strong-willed preschooler, you may sometimes long for the infant years when each request to your child wasn't seemingly met with a temper tantrum or smug defiance. For parents of children who have vision problems, the mere thought of cajoling (or forcing) your child to wear his or her glasses on a daily basis may be exhausting -- especially if these glasses are bifocals that are necessary for the healthy development of your child's eyes and vision.

  • Four Vitamins And Minerals That Are Essential For Good Eye Health

    Your eyes let you see and embrace the world around you, so it's important to do all that you can to keep them in top health. One way to achieve that is by providing your body with the nutrients it needs to keep your eyes in good shape. Here's a look at four eye-friendly vitamins and minerals that you want to ensure are included in your diet. Vitamin A Vitamin A is perhaps the best known eye-friendly vitamin.

  • 5 Fascinating Bifocals To Suit Your Specific Needs

    If you have begun to suffer from a condition called presbyopia, you are essentially farsighted and nearsighted at the same time. Your brain probably can't acclimate itself to multifocal or "progressive" lenses, so traditional bifocals it is -- or is it? If an ordinary pair of glass or plastic bifocals doesn't suit your occupation, lifestyle or everyday needs, here are five fascinating alternatives to look at. 1. Bifocal Safety Eyewear

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Eyeglasses or Contacts: Which to Choose?

Since I was a teenager, I've worn eyeglasses. The idea of getting contacts didn't seem all that important. It was only during my last eye exam with a new optometrist that I decided to revisit the possibility. On the advice of my optometrist, I decided to try the disposable lenses. To my surprise, they worked great. Even my field of vision was broader. One of my favorite things is that I never have to hunt for a handkerchief or a tissue to wipe away dust from the glasses anymore. Being able to purchase sunglasses off the rack is pretty great too. If you just got the word that corrective lenses is in your future, let's talk. I'll tell you why choosing contact lenses over glasses makes sense.