Eyeglasses or Contacts: Which to Choose?

Eyeglasses or Contacts: Which to Choose?

  • Choices To Make When You Order Tortoiseshell Glasses

    When you shop for a pair of designer glasses on a website that offers many stylish brands for sale, you can expect to see a lot of tortoiseshell options. This style is present in many different frame shapes, including men's, women's, and unisex models. A lot of people gravitate toward the tortoiseshell style because of its classic look. While you might want to first give some thought to the shape of the frames, there are lots of decisions that you can make if you want to move forward with the tortoiseshell style.

  • Why Buy Designer Prescription Glasses?

    When you wear glasses on the regular, you might not give your eyewear much thought. However, upgrading to designer glasses when you buy your next pair of spectacles can be a wise choice and great investment. Here are some reasons why you should consider buying designer glasses. You feel more confident in your glasses Designer glasses often have the name of the eyewear designer on the sides of them, making them visible to yourself and others.

  • How to Choose Blue Light Filter Glasses

    Electronic devices with screens emit light that allows you to see images and words created by pixels. However, this light, known as blue light, can cause sleep disruptions. Some people find it tricks their body's internal clock into thinking it's daytime, even when it's time to go to bed. This can exacerbate insomnia and make it hard to get a good night's sleep. Blue light can also contribute to eye strain.

  • Trouble With Your Vision? See An Eye Doctor To Have Your Optic Nerve Examined

    Experiencing some problems with your eyes lately and worried that you could lose your vision? Have you never been prescribed glasses but are suddenly having blurred vision, difficulty seeing things in front of you, and pain that seems to get worse when you move your eyes from one side to the next? You have every reason to feel concerned about these different symptoms because there is a chance that you might have optic nerve damage.

  • Eyeglasses Constantly Slipping Down Your Nose? Consider These Repairs

    One of the most important details concerning your glasses is that they need to be comfortable to wear. A common complaint from many patients who wear glasses is that the glasses constantly slip, causing the patient to have to frequently push them back up their nose. Here are a few repairs that can help your glasses stay where they are supposed to be.  1. Adjust the Fit of Your Frame

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Eyeglasses or Contacts: Which to Choose?

Since I was a teenager, I've worn eyeglasses. The idea of getting contacts didn't seem all that important. It was only during my last eye exam with a new optometrist that I decided to revisit the possibility. On the advice of my optometrist, I decided to try the disposable lenses. To my surprise, they worked great. Even my field of vision was broader. One of my favorite things is that I never have to hunt for a handkerchief or a tissue to wipe away dust from the glasses anymore. Being able to purchase sunglasses off the rack is pretty great too. If you just got the word that corrective lenses is in your future, let's talk. I'll tell you why choosing contact lenses over glasses makes sense.